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Testimonials from Clients of Southern Arizona Crime Victim Attorneys

The mission of Southern Arizona Crime Victim Attorneys is fulfilled when victims of crime and negligence have a chance to recover and move forward with new hope thanks to favorable outcomes in civil litigation. Government prosecutors pursue wrongdoers through the criminal justice system. Southern Arizona Crime Victim Attorneys, in turn, helps victims pursue compensation from negligent and criminal people by way of civil litigation.

Our clients have suffered harm or lost family members as a result of negligent workplace security, retail security, entrustment, delivery of alcohol and/or the commission of a crime such as shooting, rape, robbery or homicide.

The actual words of our grateful clients speak volumes. Read the testimonies below to get a glimpse of the role that our office often plays in the recovery process after an injury or death has taken place as a result of criminal behavior or negligence. Contact the law office by phone or e-mail.

We were crushed, the air literally sucked out of our chest as we received that call everyone dreads! As a man, who was driving on his 7th suspended license, and was concentrating on his cell phone, he and his large SUV ran the red light at 22nd Street and Harrison early one April Tuesday morning and broadsided my daughters sedan.

This person instantly killed our 4-year old daughter, cousin and granddaughter, Caia Nicole by snapping her spinal cord. Additionally, he killed our Bride of 40-years, mother and Grandmother, Lorrie. Lorrie was killed as a result of numerous injuries, as her entire pelvic region was shattered, every rib broken, along with both lungs being collapsed. And then, Lorries daughter and Caias mother, Casie Lea suffered a broken pelvic and a broken rib, and turned right around the next day, while still in such anguish of just losing her best friend and mother, and her daughter, and delivered a 9 lb. 2 oz. baby girl named Camerin.

What do we do? How often do families such as ours deal with such tragedy and loss? Who do we turn to? Who in the world could even guide us through the very next move? We were devastated and overwhelmed, with only a desire to catch our breath!

Southern Arizona Crime Victim Attorneys and his family of employees came into our lives!!!

My son was hit by a drunk driver in 2010. My son was on the edge of death for 30 days. During that time I contacted Mr. to see if there was anything that could be done to help my son with his medical expenses. Mr. did more than that. He was able to get the bills taken care of during my son’s long recovery and stayed in touch with my whole family during the recovery process and beyond. He was able to get my son enough money from this accident to take care of him his entire life. He also went to court on my son’s behalf to make sure that the woman that hit got what was coming to her without ruining her life also. I would recommend Mr. to represent anyone in any legal matter.

Frank Rich

Two weeks before Christmas I suffered a broken neck in a rollover car accident in New Mexico. I was transported by helicopter to the nearest trauma center, a hospital in El Paso, Texas. Within a week, with a halo device holding my head and neck in place, I was transferred by ambulance to a local hospital in Tucson. Five days later, I was released to home to recuperate in a hospital bed in my living room. I contacted Southern Arizona Crime Victim Attorneys for legal representation.

I could not have been happier with my choice of attorney; Southern Arizona Crime Victim Attorneys is superb.
Ann Forsberg

I have been fortunate enough to be one of Southern Arizona Crime Victim Attorneys‘s clients this past year. Now that my case is successfully settled, I can move ahead with my life as I begin law school with a whole new appreciation for how an attorney can touch a client’s life. He has given me an entirely new respect for our legal system. I was impressed at the way he methodically pieced together a case, using details I never would have thought significant. He meticulously constructed a case so strong that we reached a successful settlement out of court. His professional approach has greatly impacted my life and has also been an inspiration to pursue my studies with a new sense of how it is possible for an attorney to fight to truly protect a client’s interests. I am very satisfied with the outcome.

Cora Crecelius

May 15, 2011

When my family lost my sister none of us knew how to handle it. We thank God for putting Southern Arizona Crime Victim Attorneys in our path. Mr. was very caring about our whole family he looked out for our interest not only about money but made sure that the whole family was doing okay. He handled all our legal matters in the most professional way and made sure to explain the whole process to us. If we had any questions he or his staff were more then ready to answer us. He made sure to finish our case as fast as possible, he didn’t try to take longer in order to get more money. Even after the case was over, he called us to see how the whole family was doing. Like I said before, Southern Arizona Crime Victim Attorneys and his whole staff, are great- not just as a lawyer but as people. I am VERY thankful to Mr., and I don’t think there could be a better lawyer in the time of need.

Maria L.

When our son David was hit by a delivery van and killed, we knew we had to find a really good lawyer. Our young grandson needed to be reimbursed for the lost of his Father. We were lucky, we found Southern Arizona Crime Victim Attorneys. It is hard to explain how really excellent he is, he is smart, kind and never over bearing.

He will go to bat for you, find the right answers and see that you get a fair and just settlement.
David and Diana Donovan

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