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We Believe In Justice For The Families Of Homicide Victims

After a murder has taken place, we depend on police and prosecutors to pursue the perpetrators of these heinous acts to the utmost of their abilities. We expect them to seek justice for society by punishing the killer. But what about the rights of the surviving family? What opportunities exist for bereaved family members to seek full justice and compensation through civil litigation remedies?

Homicide is a nightmare for family members who are left to grieve and ask endless, unanswerable questions such as, “Why?” “If only . . . . .” or “How could this horrible thing have happened in our family and in our community?” Justice from society’s point of view may come about through the criminal justice system, but justice for the family may include a civil lawsuit against the perpetrator and any other responsible parties such as property owners.

Contact the Law Office of Southern Arizona Crime Victim Attorneys in Tucson, Arizona today to discuss your family’s situation after you have lost a beloved husband, wife, son, daughter, mother, father or other close family member to crime in Arizona.

Our attorneys understand the devastating consequences of the loss of a family member to homicide, murder, or another wrongful death. We have a special dedication to seeking full justice for survivors through a civil judgment against the perpetrator(s) and anyone who contributed to the crime, either directly or through negligence.

Healing Is A Primary Concern

At the Law Office of Southern Arizona Crime Victim Attorneys, our primary concern is healing for the homicide victim’s family. Sometimes it is the best thing for the family members to focus on putting their lives back together as best as they can, rather than embarking on another lawsuit. Our compassionate, dedicated lawyers can help you determine whether it is worth it, in the long run, to sue.

At these difficult moments, it is our focus on the well-being of the survivors and our commitment to their healing that our clients appreciate. Many of our clients have just been through a lengthy and emotionally draining criminal trial and are unsure how to proceed.

Psychologist Liability: Southern Arizona Crime Victim Attorneys has experience with cases against a psychiatrist or psychologist for not warning the victim that the patient may cause them harm. He has handled tragic cases where counselors knew or should have known that their patient was a risk to kill an innocent person. In those instances, he recovered from the counselor after the patient killed someone. In one case, the counselor never warned a wife about her husband’s violent threats against her. The husband wound up killing his wife, his two children, and himself.

Full justice sometimes requires difficult choices based on a hard look at the realities. We will be at your side throughout the process, regardless of how you decide to proceed. Contact us today regarding help for homicide victims’ family. Explore civil remedies that you may have as victims and survivors of criminal actions. Let us help the victim’s voice be heard.