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Are You The Victim Of A Robbery?

Robbery is one of the most common crimes in America. Every year, millions of dollars are lost in robberies, according to National Center for the Victims of Crimes. The facts regarding robbery are startling:

  • Robberies are committed with firearms in about 40% of cases.
  • Many robbery victims state that the robber was a stranger.
  • Robbery offenses occur on streets and highways, in commercial establishments, and in homes.
  • Victims often sustain some physical injury in the course of a robbery.
  • Robbers are sometimes under age 18.
  • The average value of property loss in a robbery is typically more than $1000.

If you have been a victim of a robbery at home or away from home, you are no doubt distressed and angry about your property loss, whether it was jewelry, a car or valuable computer equipment that you lost. You want restitution as well as criminal justice consequences for the robber. If you were injured or your family member was killed during the robbery, your needs for recovery are much greater. Your losses may include medical expenses, lost wage replacement, rehabilitation, therapy, and perhaps funeral and burial expenses.

In every robbery case, however, psychological trauma may be the greatest challenge for surviving victims. The sensation that one’s personal safety has been violated may never go away. For this reason, at the Law Office of Southern Arizona Crime Victim Attorneys we pay close attention to the long-term recovery needs of robbery victims. You may require years of counseling and therapy to recover a normal sense of wellbeing. You may find it difficult or impossible to continue working as before due to psychological trauma as well as because of physical injuries.

Civil Justice for Victims of Crime

While you hope that the robber will be brought to justice and that your personal property will be recovered, it is equally important to remember your short-term and long-term needs as a robbery victim. A negligent caregiver, property owner or the robber himself may be held accountable through civil litigation. Our dedication to civil justice for crime victims in Arizona is at the core philosophy of our civil litigation practice.

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