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Were You Injured In A Traffic Accident Caused By Over-Serving Of Alcohol In Southern Arizona?

Every day, every week, every month of every year in Southern Arizona, a licensed establishment — restaurant, bar and grill, concession stand — over-serves alcohol to a patron, who later causes a serious traffic accident that seriously injures or kills innocent victims.

Were you left with these tragic consequences because a violation of Arizona dram shop law led to the drunk driving accident that caused life-changing injuries or wrongful death?

We are on your side, every step of the way — during investigation of your claim, negotiation with an insurance company and in the courtroom, in defense of your rights. We are the Southern Arizona Crime Victim Attorneys law firm in Tucson.

Experience, Compassion, Personal Service For Victims Of DUI Accidents Caused By Dram Shop Law Violations

Southern Arizona Crime Victim Attorneys and Southern Arizona Crime Victim Attorneys are the dedicated, diligent crime victim and personal injury lawyers you will work with closely and directly, throughout the legal process. These knowledgeable legal professionals have decades of combined experience that can benefit you. Their track records of success give your case credibility. Their attentive personal service lifts your spirits, gives you strength and sees you through to the positive outcome we always seek.

That result is maximum financial compensation for every hardship, every losing hand that you and your family were dealt when an over-served, intoxicated driver broke the law and placed you in harm’s way. We work hard toward this goal strictly on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you owe no legal fees unless we win your case.

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