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Holding Drunk Drivers Accountable For Accident Injuries And Wrongful Deaths In Southern Arizona

A well-established fact, in Arizona and elsewhere, is that the operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol is clearly illegal — and that dire legal consequences await the driver who violates that law, then causes a traffic accident that produces serious injuries and death.

Not so well-known is the legal remedy for plaintiffs, which is the ability to directly sue the drunk driver and his or her insurance company for money damages that punish negligence and recklessness, and that reflect the injured or grieving person or persons’ many different kinds of loss.

Did a drunk driver leave a party or a licensed establishment prone to over-serving of patrons, attempt to drive and cause an accident that injured you, or injured or killed a family member?

If so, you have rights that should be safeguarded by experienced, compassionate advocates for crime victims. We can explain those rights to you — at the Southern Arizona Crime Victim Attorneys law firm in Tucson.

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