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Settling truck accident cases in Arizona

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2023 | Blog, Injuries |

When you get into a truck accident in Arizona, you need money to cover your injuries and vehicular damages whether you were at fault or not. As such, it’s mandatory for every motorist to have insurance; however, the state uses tort laws for its civil cases, which basically means that the person at fault for the accident pays for the other party’s damages. Therefore, the time it would take to settle your claim and get compensation can take days or even years, depending on your unique circumstances.


Before any court or insurance company can award compensation to those affected by motor vehicle accidents, an investigative process must first take place. This is the initial step taken in order to determine what fees and fines to issue to the individual responsible for the crash or the victim of it. Both entities will look at the police report, the evidence you collected, their own evidence and the circumstances that led to the crash.

Determining fault

Truck accidents are often complex because it’s not just the truck driver at play. The trucking company, the manufacturer of the vehicle or its parts and even the loaders may be liable in some cases. To determine this, your lawyer must look at who was actually responsible for driving and maintaining the truck to make sure everything was up to code before it hit the roads.

Receiving compensation

Once you’ve established fault, you can start filing a claim with either your own insurance provider or with an opposing party’s. Some claims can take days to resolve if the initial offer is favorable or if both parties can come to an agreement. Others can take months if parties have to go to court to settle the dispute.

The specifics of your case often determine how much time it takes to get the compensation you need from a truck accident. It’s important to understand the law and what to expect in an accident to avoid long delays in the settlement process.