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What are some mistakes made after car accidents?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Car accidents frequently happen without warning, often leaving the participants in shock. Sometimes, an accident victim could be completely confused about what happened, and the full story might not emerge until questioning witnesses or reviewing dashcam footage. In the immediate aftermath of an Arizona car accident, people could make unfortunate mistakes. Two mistakes, in particular, may be among the most egregious.

Admitting fault

Admitting fault could prove disastrous when the time comes to file an insurance claim or a lawsuit. For one, the person who admits fault might not be the reason for the accident. Perceptions may skew due to stress and lack of awareness. A person might misremember driving behavior and make a harmful and inaccurate statement.

Evidence might show that the “at-fault” driver did nothing wrong. However, the other driver involved in the accident might have been distracted, traveling at a higher speed, or operating an unsafe vehicle. Maybe “the victim” couldn’t stop because the brakes weren’t working well, and that driver previously received warnings to get the brakes fixed. Also, sharing fault is possible. Both drivers might have a case.

A negligence claim centers on recovering compensation because someone did something wrong. By wrongly admitting all fault, a victim might give an insurance company a way out or undermine potential litigation.

Failure to call the police

Not calling the police could turn out to be another disastrous decision. When the police arrive, the officers will conduct an accident investigation and file a report. The police report may then be entered into evidence during proceedings. The police deal with facts and could be much more thorough with collecting evidence and witness statements than the accident participants.

Sometimes, an at-fault driver may attempt to dissuade the other party not to contact the police. Taking such advice might prove regrettable. Perhaps the at-fault driver committed a crime, such as driving under the influence. An arrest after the accident would go into the record.

People involved in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) could make two regrettable mistakes, admitting fault and not calling the police. Perhaps victims may benefit from contacting an attorney, as well.