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What first-year students need to stay safe at college

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2019 | Uncategorized |

In a few weeks, many Arizona students will finish their summer vacations and begin the first steps towards obtaining their college degrees. It can be a stressful time for both parents and their kids. That child you’ve spent nearly two decades raising is now no longer living in your house and has to make plenty of crucial decisions on campus without you by their side.

It doesn’t help that college campuses aren’t exactly considered safe areas by the public. Irresponsible young adults up there perform criminal or reckless actions that can endanger your child as well as thousands of other students staying in the same area. Even though you’re not with your kid to help protect them from these threats, you can give them some advice so they can keep themselves safe. One of the first tips you should tell them is to acquire the following:

Bike locks

Your child should get into the habit of relying on all kinds of locks on campus. They may be surrounded by students their age, but not everyone that attends their classes are trustworthy individuals. They should lock their doors whenever they leave their dormitories. These buildings tend to have less security protocols than most apartments, so it doesn’t take a lot for people who don’t even live in the dorms to get access inside.

Outside of the dorms, one of the most common crimes that occurs on campus is bike robberies. Students that plan on biking throughout the year at an Arizona college should keep a sturdy bike lock with them to keep their rides secure when they are not using them. However, since many thieves often find ways around these locks, they should also be careful where they choose to park their bikes. It’s generally recommended to keep them in “bike heavy” areas or indoors if the campus offers the option.

Campus safety apps

Many campuses in recent years have developed safety apps that allow students to contact campus security in the event of an emergency. Unfortunately, many college students haven’t downloaded them. They don’t expect to get involved in any serious danger while up there and won’t take the time to download something from the app store that’s typically free.

After you learn what campus security app your child’s university tends to rely on, check to make sure your kid has it in their phone when you get the chance. They shouldn’t ignore a safety tool that’s easily accessible.

A friend

Socializing can be very awkward for the majority of first-year students during their first months on campus, but your child shouldn’t avoid the opportunities to make new buddies on campus. Not only can they talk to someone there going through similar experiences, but they also have someone they can walk with if they plan on going to a late-night event.

College students should never walk alone at night because there are plenty of dangerous individuals roaming the streets. A large majority of robberies, sexual assaults and attacks that occur on campus happen in the later hours of the day. They need to stay someone and walk on a well-lit path to their destination.

While having all of these can help your kid stay safe on campus, it doesn’t completely ensure their protection from harmful college students. Contact a local crime victim attorney if you and your child need help recovering from these dreadful encounters.