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Who speaks for the victims of crimes?

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Our criminal justice system is all about catching and prosecuting people who commit assaults, sexual assaults, muggings, stabbings, shootings, robberies, DUI injuries, vehicular homicide and other crimes.

But there is another aspect to criminal justice, that gets less attention: what happens to the victims of these crimes.

What recourse do we have when a criminal who may have little in the way of resources, who storms into our lives, wreaks havoc on us, causing us serious injuries or death, and then disappears into the penal system?

There are is an area of law that addresses this frustrating problem: filing claims against parties responsible for these crimes.

What we do

If the person who injured you has assets, we target that individual. Just as often, we target businesses that played a role in allowing the crime to occur.

Whenever a property owner or operator might have provided reasonable security for you on their premises, but failed to do so, we seek compensation for you.

The law holds that owners have a duty of care to see that visitors to their premises are secure from assault and attack. When this duty is abrogated, you have the right to demand compensation for medical costs and for damage to your ability to earn a living.

Our clients are Arizonans and visitors to Arizona who have been victimized wherever crimes occur: in malls, parking lots and garages, apartment buildings, college dorms, healthcare centers, childcare centers, bars, stores, banks, restaurants and other places of business. We also file third-party claims against security firms whose protection failed.

How we can help

Our goal in these suits is to show whether an offender or a third party is responsible for the injuries resulting from the crime committed against you. While financial compensation is no substitute for the physical and psychological trauma inflicted in the crime, clients tell us that it helps them effect closure on a painful moment in their lives.

Our energetic representation has the side benefit of making property owners and operators to pay greater attention to their duty to protect persons like yourself.