About the Southern Arizona Crime Victim Attorneys

In Southern Arizona, statewide and nationally, innocent people are shot, robbed, defrauded, assaulted, and injured by criminally operated motor vehicles on highways every day.

All victims of crime in Arizona — whether you or someone close to you — have rights. The Southern Arizona Crime Victim Attorneys work to protect those rights for their clients and to ensure that the right afforded to victims continue to exist in the future.

If your life has been changed by someone else's criminal actions, or a loved one's life has been taken, you may need to talk to people with knowledge of the justice system other than the initial police officers who took the report or came to the scene. Attorneys Noah Van Amburg and Elliot Glicksman will listen to you, talk with you, and help you decide the best way to make your victimization right.

We invite you to click on the links below and to learn more about the Southern Arizona Crime Victim Attorneys, their backgrounds, and their demonstrated dedication to defending the interest of crime victims.

Because your initial consultation is free — and because our contingency fee policy frees you of responsibility for legal fees unless we win your case — you have absolutely nothing to lose by meeting with us, to tell your side of the story.

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